Daily Drawing – Portrait of a Boy

Daily10_PortraitOfBoyAnother day another sketch. I created this one on my ipad, playing with ProCreate software. I really love the pencil sketching tools in this program. I didn’t use a reference photo, which is not typical for me. It is purely from my head to my hand with a little experimentation in between.

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Daily Drawing – Man at Work

Daily09_KenWorkingAnother daily drawing to share with you. This is my husband, Ken. He has been working on some cabinet enhancements in our kitchen and I snapped a few quick reference photos of him from which to draw.

I liked this pose. It was an unusual view and the lines of his arm and leg and the arch of his back caught my eye.

Along with each daily drawing I am working quite hard these days to complete my latest children’s book. It will be launched in early spring. Stay tuned I will be sharing more on that topic soon.

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Daily Drawing – Boy Sitting

Daily08I am still working at creating some sketches each day that are above and beyond my current work projects. I am not really worried about creating a likeness, rather creating a gesture that describes a scene.

Daily sketching is necessary if I want to improve. It is comparable to exercise for my drawing skills. I have to admit that as I work at this more, making it a daily goal, I am working more quickly and accurately. I am also having lots of fun!

Daily Drawing – The Chicken

Daily06_ChickenAnother sketch for today. There are a lot of places here in Florida where chickens run a bit wild. Last spring my husband and I went to a “camp” a few miles south of where we live. We wanted to rent a kayak and paddle around the rivers that pour into the Atlantic ocean. I had my camera with me, as usual, and snapped a lot of photos during the trip. The most entertaining pictures were of the chickens that wandered around the camp. I shot quite a few pictures while waiting for Ken to get the kayak rented, and then again when returned. This particular little hen had a lot of personality and I liked her right away!

Character Study

CharacterStudy01This is a quick character study for a possible project that I have coming up. I just decided to splash some color and not worry about “true” color, but play with capturing the “look” instead. Fun, and quick!

I have been away from watercolor for awhile and it feels so great to have that wet brush in my hand again. Hope you enjoy viewing this one as much as I enjoyed sketching it.

Back to Sketching

Sketching and journaling are two important aspects of my daily life, however I haven’t sketched regularly in several months and I have suffered for it in my heart! So, I am back to sketching and feeling so much better these days. I try to do at least one little sketch in my sketchbook to keep fresh.


I love the feel of the pencils and ink pens in my hands, almost as much as I love the paintbrush in my hands. I thought I would share one of my recent sketchbook entries…enjoy!

New Project Sketches

I’m working on a new project and wanted to share a sketch with you.

I shot some photos recently of some new friends of my husband and myself who are hobby beekeepers. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them “rob the hive” of some of the delicious honey. They shared a lot of information with me and I learned so much!

Hope you enjoy this little pencil sketch!