Daily Drawing – Portrait of a Boy

Daily10_PortraitOfBoyAnother day another sketch. I created this one on my ipad, playing with ProCreate software. I really love the pencil sketching tools in this program. I didn’t use a reference photo, which is not typical for me. It is purely from my head to my hand with a little experimentation in between.

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Old Fisherman in Watercolor


This is a watercolor, 26 by 20 inches, of a man I saw fishing here on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. I loved creating his skin tones and building in the character of his wrinkled face. This piece was created  with several layers of pigment building up the darker, shadow areas. The background is a wet-in-wet wash of French Ultramarine Blue and Permanent Alizarin Crimson.

This piece is for sale on my etsy shop, if you are interested. Hope you enjoy it. It really was fun to paint.