Daily Drawing – Man at Work

Daily09_KenWorkingAnother daily drawing to share with you. This is my husband, Ken. He has been working on some cabinet enhancements in our kitchen and I snapped a few quick reference photos of him from which to draw.

I liked this pose. It was an unusual view and the lines of his arm and leg and the arch of his back caught my eye.

Along with each daily drawing I am working quite hard these days to complete my latest children’s book. It will be launched in early spring. Stay tuned I will be sharing more on that topic soon.

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Arched Doorway

ArchedDoorway07This is another drawing I created for a chapter icon for Jaimie Engle’s book, Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light.

This little gem was a total fabrication from the depths of my brain. I’m not really sure where it originated from, but I enjoyed creating the multiple arches and the many rocks. Sometimes when sketching things just work well. Other times I struggle through hours of trying to make sense of the lines I am depositing on the paper. It really works best when I have an idea in my head of what I want the finished product to look like.

I admit that many of the drawings for this book came to me quickly and easily. Much of that is due to the fact that I was able to work with the author directly and she told me in wonderful descriptive words what she envisioned as she wrote. Then I could interpret her vision into a visual that came to me while listening to her. I also read the chapters and highlighted areas that I felt would make a good visual, not revealing too much to give away the important events in the chapter.

The details of the book will be highlighted soon, as the publication date draws near! Visit Jaimie’s website to learn more, and stay tuned here as I reveal a few more tidbits from the “visual” end of publication.

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Character Study

CharacterStudy01This is a quick character study for a possible project that I have coming up. I just decided to splash some color and not worry about “true” color, but play with capturing the “look” instead. Fun, and quick!

I have been away from watercolor for awhile and it feels so great to have that wet brush in my hand again. Hope you enjoy viewing this one as much as I enjoyed sketching it.

Sketchbook Page – Surprise!

This is another small sketch from the pages of my sketchbook.

I thoroughly enjoy sketching and drawing people, attempting to capture their personality and attitude. This one was quick and fun. It wasn’t brought to a “finished” state so you can see a lot of my initial line work. If I took this one to a more completed stage the values would be much more refined and softened. Sometimes I just do these quick sketches to capture the “moment” then use them as a reference for later work.
Hope you enjoy this post today. I hope to begin posting more often. I’m in my last term at school, so the busyness of life should slow down in the near future.

Thanks for staying in touch and I honestly love hearing from you!

Sketch of Lilly Being Shy

This is a little sketch I did today of my granddaughter, Lilly. The reference photo was from a year or so ago. She is so photogenic and always ready to pose for the camera that I have a nice collection of pictures of her to draw from.

I have been enjoying the simplicity of my sketchbook lately and the freedom that graphite brings. I can mold the lights and shadows almost like developing a sculpture. I enjoy using different value pencils, the softest being the darkest.

I stopped on this sketch before it became too much of a completed drawing. I just wanted to study the simple lights and shadows that bounced around her face, body, and clothing.

Hope you enjoy it!