Daily Drawing – Man at Work

Daily09_KenWorkingAnother daily drawing to share with you. This is my husband, Ken. He has been working on some cabinet enhancements in our kitchen and I snapped a few quick reference photos of him from which to draw.

I liked this pose. It was an unusual view and the lines of his arm and leg and the arch of his back caught my eye.

Along with each daily drawing I am working quite hard these days to complete my latest children’s book. It will be launched in early spring. Stay tuned I will be sharing more on that topic soon.

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Daily Drawing – Batter Up!

Daily07This digital sketch is of my friend, Bev’s, grandson. She showed me the photo that a family member took at a ball game and I fell in love with the pose. Children are so fun to sketch because of their expressiveness. I think we lose a lot of that as we get older. The kids I know love to move — and move fast. Their twists and turns create great lines of movement for illustrations and they are a never-ending resource for inspiration!

Batter up!

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Daily Drawing – The Chicken

Daily06_ChickenAnother sketch for today. There are a lot of places here in Florida where chickens run a bit wild. Last spring my husband and I went to a “camp” a few miles south of where we live. We wanted to rent a kayak and paddle around the rivers that pour into the Atlantic ocean. I had my camera with me, as usual, and snapped a lot of photos during the trip. The most entertaining pictures were of the chickens that wandered around the camp. I shot quite a few pictures while waiting for Ken to get the kayak rented, and then again when returned. This particular little hen had a lot of personality and I liked her right away!

Daily Drawing – Darling Pose

Daily05Another day, another drawing.

This is a digital sketch of my granddaughter, Selah. She absolutely loves to dress up. One day, not long ago, she came to visit and I had this little straw hat for her to wear. She loved it so much I just had to let her take it home. I snapped a photo of her near the front door as she was leaving. Yes, she is a sweet as she looks!

Here is a detail view.


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Sketch of My Grandson

Daily02I have been working in Adobe Photoshop and thoroughly enjoying the challenges of drawing and painting in a digital format. My focus has changed a bit over the past two or three years from fine art and watercolor to illustration and digital.

My grandchildren are such an inspiration and make great models. They move too fast to work much from life but I have a lot of photographs of them, as probably most grandparents, to work from. This is a little sketch of my grandson, Eli. He was enjoying some ice cream with Grandma.

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Playing In Adobe Illustrator


Okay, I have been playing with Adobe Illustrator again–it has been years since I worked with the program. This is an incredibly simple drawing, very flat and non-dimensional, but it was tons of fun. It is challenging to practice with new tools. I also used a small Wacom tablet for the first time. It is a little tricky to get used to, but I found it was more intuitive as I spent time playing.

Thanks to my friend, Gail, for allowing me to use her butterfly photo for the reference.

Hope you enjoy this one.