Daily Drawing – Boy Sitting

Daily08I am still working at creating some sketches each day that are above and beyond my current work projects. I am not really worried about creating a likeness, rather creating a gesture that describes a scene.

Daily sketching is necessary if I want to improve. It is comparable to exercise for my drawing skills. I have to admit that as I work at this more, making it a daily goal, I am working more quickly and accurately. I am also having lots of fun!


Sketch of My Grandson

Daily02I have been working in Adobe Photoshop and thoroughly enjoying the challenges of drawing and painting in a digital format. My focus has changed a bit over the past two or three years from fine art and watercolor to illustration and digital.

My grandchildren are such an inspiration and make great models. They move too fast to work much from life but I have a lot of photographs of them, as probably most grandparents, to work from. This is a little sketch of my grandson, Eli. He was enjoying some ice cream with Grandma.

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Preliminary Character Study for Current Project

GrasshopperStudyFlatI am currently working on another book project and I thought you might enjoy my latest character study. The little guy is best friends with the main character in my next story.

I have been learning the ropes for illustrating in Adobe Photoshop and I am having a blast! I hope you enjoy this one. I welcome your comments.

‘The Map’ Book Illustration

27TheMapThis is another chapter illustration for “Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light”. As I go through these illustrations I have fond memories of working with the author, Jaimie Engle. We were both pretty surprised that our ideas for the chapter illustrations were so much alike. We had a couple of meetings after I read the manuscript. I took notes on what images I thought might work for each chapter. As we went through my notes she kept saying over and over, “That is exactly what I envisioned!”

This project has truly been a joy for me. I was given the freedom to be creative, yet I was given clear parameters by the author as to what her vision was also.

After the meeting regarding our notes I spent a few weeks creating pencil sketches for each image. We met again to go over the pencil sketches and I think there were only two or three small revisions on the entire set of fifty-five drawings. Pretty unusual considering the scope of this project. Two important factors played a part: Jaimie’s clear vision and ability to communicate that to me; and her willingness to give me creative license.

Okay, why the map, you may ask. Well, you simply have to read the book to find out! Twenty-six more days until the official book release! Can’t wait? Click here to enter the Goodreads book giveaway contest! The contest ends September 1st.

Five Weeks Until Book Release

22GuardCastleAtNightJust five more weeks until the book release! I thought I would share another chapter illustration that I created for Jaimie Engle’s Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light. The book will be officially released on September 1st.

If you have a middle-grade young person in your life, or if you enjoy reading exciting historical fiction, this book is a must-read.

To learn more about the author, the book release, and upcoming events regarding Clifton, please visit Jaimie’s website: http://jaimiengle.com.

Clifton Chase, the main character in the book, has his own Facebook page as well. Click here to like it!

Snippet of Final Illustration

RiverAdventureSnippetA few days ago I posted a preliminary drawing for an illustration I am currently doing. Well, here is a snippet of the final piece. The final work has three characters and an animal. The story is about a river adventure that a father and his two children had many years ago.

I will post more after the work is submitted to the author. Hope you like it. I always cherish your comments!