Come Sit a Spell

Come Sit a Spell…This is a little scene that I stumbled upon in Cocoa Village, Florida. I absolutely loved the pink chairs and it seemed the perfect subject for my new explorations in watercolor technique. I am still playing with a wet-in-wet glazing technique and having a blast! This is definitely a happy painting!!!

With my exploring, I haven’t been working on blog lessons as diligently, and I apologize to those of you who like to follow along. I will try to pull some lessons together soon and post them. Let me know if you prefer the lessons or just keeping up with news and images of my current work.

If you are in the Melbourne, Florida area, please look me up. I am a member of the Art and Antique Studio Gallery in the Eau Gallie Arts District (EGAD). Our address is 1419 Highland Ave., Melbourne, Florida. If you visit our website you can see more of my work, our class schedule and information on the featured artist for this month! Hope you can visit us soon. Art and Antique Studio Link.


Boat On River Lesson 11

Today I am using a small bit of Permanent Sap Green and Burnt Sienna mixed to create an olive green. You can add some New Gamboge if you want it to be a little more golden. I use a wet, but strong mixture to paint the stripes on the right side of the boat. Then, I added some water and painted a wetter version of the same mixture on the left side. It needs to be wetter and lighter because it is not in shadow.

A bit of French Ultramarine Blue was used in the little bumper at the corner of the dock to create a soft shadow. I also used a touch of Burnt Sienna with a number six round brush that has a nice point, and run a very light, very thin stroke of pigment here and there on the right sides of the mast and ropes that go up through the tree line.

Flamingos Lesson 12

This detail shows how beautifully glazes have subdued the leaves in the background. First glaze was of Olive Green, then with a thin mixture of Prussian Blue (after the green dried).

I have created recognizable suggestions of the plants behind the birds, without completely describing them for the viewer.

I used some Indigo to further push back the details here and there. I also used Indigo in the beaks of the birds, and some of the darkest shadow areas along the shoreline.

Flamingos Lesson 9

Using Prussian Blue, I have begun to add some texture to the areas surrounding the palm leaves. I just allowed my round brush to dance over the background. I will glaze later to soften the look of this area.
I am using various reds from my palette to add pink glazes to the flamingos and to their reflections in the water. I also used Prussian Blue, French Ultramarine Blue, and various greens to add some crisp details to the reflection areas in the water. The colors used in your background will determine which colors are reflected into the water.
Sometimes it is helpful to actually draw in the reflection shapes with a pencil and slightly shade the darker values to guide you. These little shapes can become a huge, confusing maze if you don’t study your references carefully.



This is a detail of the reflections in the water at the base of one of the flamingos. Play with the abstract shapes, just remember, they should make some kind of sense based on what they are reflecting!

Flamingos Lesson 7

Using VanDyke Brown, I begin laying in soft washes in the water and in the background (only where the painting is bone-dry). Noticed how the softened edges, in horizontal bands begin to define the water.
The horizontal bands are very important. If you don’t keep your main brushwork on the water primarily horizontal, your water will not read as flat.






In this detail, you can see how the VanDyke Brown is touched in with a number 6 round brush near the legs of the smallest flamingo.

Melbourne Art Festival

I had a booth at the Melbourne Art Festival in historic downtown Melbourne, Florida this past weekend. While at the show I worked on a few paintings and I was able to complete this one, which I have named Beach Play Two.
I saw these little girls on the beach a few weeks ago and took some photos. I thought they were just so cute I had to paint them. I had a lot of fun adding colors to the wash of water on the sand.

New Painting – Flamingo Nap

Flamingo Nap is a piece that just happened while I was playing with my paints about a week ago. My daughter and my best friend came to visit a few weeks back and we visited the Brevard County Zoo. They have some beautiful flamingos there and I took several photos of them napping at the edge of a pond.
As I was going through my photos, this one captured my eye and I started sketching with my watercolor pencils. After drawing the initial bird and some reflections with the watercolor pencils, I got out my palette and played with it some more. I am in the process of framing it, so it should be at one of my upcoming shows or at the Art and Antiques Gallerysoon.