Tulips in Watercolor

Tulip-demo01I have been teaching again…and loving it! This is a little demonstration piece I did today for a beginning student. We are working on a small painting with about five tulips, but I demonstrated the brushwork on this extra little piece. The main focus today was to look at value and shape, then using the brush and pigments to create crisp and soft edges in watercolor to describe those shapes and values.

Glazing colors is what adds so much depth to the painting. We started with one color, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, to paint the shadow areas. Then we glazed on several colors to enhance shapes in the painting. Cool colors were used in shadow areas, and warm colors were used in lighter areas and in areas where the shadows needed a warmer tone.

You can view some of my Youtube videos by clicking the Lessons In Watercolor tab at the top of this page. There I list video links, blog lessons, and how-to-paint books which I have on Amazon.

Local classes start on June 25th if you are interested please visit the Classes and Workshops Link at the top of the page and contact me for more information.

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