Update on Commission Painting

Progress03CM I have been making progress this week, slowly but surely, on the commission painting. The first few pours of paint are used to establish some of the lighter values. This photo shows the first three pours and the masked areas are ready for the next pour. I will finally be developing more of my middle values. The shapes will really start to pop after the next pour.


Here is a close up view of what is going on so far. As I mentioned in the earlier post about this piece, the masking takes a long time to apply. As it is applied and the pigments are poured onto the paper the shapes begin to appear. Not sure if you can see the fish falling out of the basket, but they are there. They have a lot of masking applied at this stage so the next pour will be with much darker pigments, revealing more of the shapes of the fish, basket, and boat.Progress04CCM

I am teaching again. If you live in the Melbourne, Florida area and would like to learn this technique please contact me. I hope to develop some YouTube videos on this technique as well. I have several YouTube videos on my other painting methods. You can see them on my channel: www.YouTube.com/watercolorworks.

I would love to hear from you!


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