‘The Map’ Book Illustration

27TheMapThis is another chapter illustration for “Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light”. As I go through these illustrations I have fond memories of working with the author, Jaimie Engle. We were both pretty surprised that our ideas for the chapter illustrations were so much alike. We had a couple of meetings after I read the manuscript. I took notes on what images I thought might work for each chapter. As we went through my notes she kept saying over and over, “That is exactly what I envisioned!”

This project has truly been a joy for me. I was given the freedom to be creative, yet I was given clear parameters by the author as to what her vision was also.

After the meeting regarding our notes I spent a few weeks creating pencil sketches for each image. We met again to go over the pencil sketches and I think there were only two or three small revisions on the entire set of fifty-five drawings. Pretty unusual considering the scope of this project. Two important factors played a part: Jaimie’s clear vision and ability to communicate that to me; and her willingness to give me creative license.

Okay, why the map, you may ask. Well, you simply have to read the book to find out! Twenty-six more days until the official book release! Can’t wait? Click here to enter the Goodreads book giveaway contest! The contest ends September 1st.


2 thoughts on “‘The Map’ Book Illustration

  1. Thanks, Debbie. What a great post! BTW, my interview about the book will be featured in the TGIF’s Shake, Rattle, & Roll THIS Friday, August 9th!! Be sure and grab a copy for your scrapbook.

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