Another Clifton Chapter Illustration

21CastleInDarkI am getting pretty excited that the book I illustrated this spring will be available to the public on September 1st.

Here is another chapter illustration from Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light, by Jaimie Engle.

I used pen and ink for the interior illustrations. To give them a uniform look I used an oval template that I made from card stock. I traced the template 55 times, one for each chapter, in my sketchbook. Then I proceeded to pencil sketch ideas for each chapter. Previously I read the book and took copious notes about the chapters to highlight points in the chapter for images that would not reveal too much to the reader. I met with the author several times to discuss our ideas for the illustrations. Jaimie was fun to work with! Our ideas were often so similar we would have to laugh. After the pencil sketches were approved, I proceeded to ink the drawings with various sized Pigma markers.

I hope you enjoy this little peek at the upcoming book, and visit Jaimie’s website to learn more about her writing, awards, and other publications.


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