New Day Cafe Featuring My Artwork

If you are visiting or live in the Melbourne, Florida area, there is a relatively new restaurant onNewDayCafe 192 near Dairy Road called the New Day Cafe. Stop by for a delicious breakfast and, oh, the walls are all featuring my watercolors!

My husband and I enjoy breakfast nearly every Sunday morning with a group of friends from our church. We visited New Day Cafe one week when they had only been open a short time. When we arrived, I noticed their walls were all newly painted, but empty. As Jessica poured coffee at our table I told her that I was a local artist and had some paintings in storage if they were interested in seeing them. I met Keith and Jessica about a week later and showed them my portfolio, and we agreed that the situation would be a good one for all of us. Keith and Jessica are so sweet! They even posted a special page on their website for me!

Enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch in a clean setting, with cheerful waitstaff. Oh, and please tell them Debbie sent you!

To view their menu, find their location, and to learn more visit their website:


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