Bread and Goblets Illustration

08BreadAndGobletsThis pen and ink illustration was created for a chapter heading in Jaimie Engle’s upcoming book, Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light.

The challenge for me with this picture was to keep the values light. I have a tendency to get too dark when working in the details for pen and ink illustrations. I get deep into right brain mode and get lost in the joy of putting ink lines on the paper! This one, however, worked well. Simple, yet descriptive–I hope that is what it conveys.

I have always enjoyed creating little goblets when doodling. These came easily. The book takes place in two time periods, one is medieval, so I wanted to portray the bread and dishes as they might really appear in that time. I also wanted to have a light-hearted approach to the illustrations because the book is for young readers.

The book is going to be published sometime before Christmas with plenty of time to order before the holidays. If you have a young reader in your life, this would be a great gift! To learn more, please visit Jaimie’s website.


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