Arched Doorway

ArchedDoorway07This is another drawing I created for a chapter icon for Jaimie Engle’s book, Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light.

This little gem was a total fabrication from the depths of my brain. I’m not really sure where it originated from, but I enjoyed creating the multiple arches and the many rocks. Sometimes when sketching things just work well. Other times I struggle through hours of trying to make sense of the lines I am depositing on the paper. It really works best when I have an idea in my head of what I want the finished product to look like.

I admit that many of the drawings for this book came to me quickly and easily. Much of that is due to the fact that I was able to work with the author directly and she told me in wonderful descriptive words what she envisioned as she wrote. Then I could interpret her vision into a visual that came to me while listening to her. I also read the chapters and highlighted areas that I felt would make a good visual, not revealing too much to give away the important events in the chapter.

The details of the book will be highlighted soon, as the publication date draws near! Visit Jaimie’s website to learn more, and stay tuned here as I reveal a few more tidbits from the “visual” end of publication.

Your comments are appreciated.


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