Another Chapter Icon for Clifton Chase


Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light

This is another chapter icon for Jaimie Engle’s upcoming book that I have the honor of illustrating. (Yes, that is a dragon on the back of the chair!!!) I completed the illustrations this week for Jaimie and Wayman Publishing.

The cover was completed in watercolor and can be seen in an earlier post here. The chapter icons were all created in old fashioned pen and ink. It was a delight to meet with the author and get her ideas for the simple little illustrations to adorn the beginning of each new chapter. I took notes, scribbled in my sketchbook, and re-read chapters to see if I could create the perfect images for each page. After many long hours and lots of joyful drawing time, the 55 chapter images are complete.

You can learn more about this book for young established readers at Jaimie’s website. It will be published in time for Christmas and I can’t wait to see my copy!


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