Visiting Young Readers

On Friday I visited a 3rd grade class at a local school with author Jaimie M. Engle. We talked about Jaimie’s upcoming book, her writing, my illustration, and our collaboration process. So much fun, and the students were a delight!

greenmeadow42613I showed the class several of my preliminary drawings which led up to the final cover. I showed them the final cover watercolor as the final image in my series and they really enjoyed the Big Reveal.

After our presentation I showed them how to draw the faces of the two main characters in the book and they drew along as I did. They had such thoughtful questions and so much talent! I was as impressed with them as they seemed to be with Jaimie and me.

Special thanks to Jaimie Engle and Ms. Kane for inviting me!


4 thoughts on “Visiting Young Readers

  1. Wonderful recap, Deb. I’ll be posting in a few days as well. So happy you were there, as were the kids. I wish I could have recorded their “oohs” on the Big Reveal!

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