New Book Cover Project

I am starting a new project with Jaimie Engle and Wayman Publishers. I will be working on the cover illustration and chapter head illustrations for Jaimie’s upcoming book titled, “Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light”. CliftonSketch02

This is a sketch of the main character. I will post more soon as we progress on this project. Please visit Jaimie’s website to learn more about this and her other projects.

I have to add that creating a character who lives within the pages of a book is truly a delight. I am looking forward to sharing more bits and pieces of the illustration process with you as we plug along.

Let me know what you think…and please visit Jaimie’s website to hear her side of the story!


2 thoughts on “New Book Cover Project

  1. Absolutely love this, Deb! You are so talented, and the most perfect person to be bringing Clifton Chase to life. Thank you so much for materializing my imagination.

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