Empty Cardboard Box – The Best Toy!

When my daughter was very small, maybe two years old, we visited my sister. She had a six-pack cooler on the kitchen floor left over from a recent picnic. Hanna was always very tiny; she crawled into the cooler and went on a little adventure that only her two-year-old mind could envision. I think she was pretending it was a boat. She was just small enough to squiggle her bottom and legs into the cooler as the rest of her made the motions of whatever “adventure” she was on. We all still talk about how cute she was, playing away in what was, basically, an empty container. But that container became an afternoon adventure for her creative little mind!

Common knowledge to many is the fact that a child would rather play with the box the gift came in than the gift itself! I am collecting stories for a project I am working on and I would love to hear about any “Box Adventures” you or your loved ones have enjoyed.

Time to share your stories…and enter to win a free, signed copy of my new book, Lilly Vanilly’s Tea Party!

Tell me the best true story of you, a friend, or your child/grandchild playing with an empty gift box. You will be entered into a drawing for a free signed copy of my new book. If you “Like” my Facebook page, you will be added a second time, and if you “Share” the Facebook page you will again be added to the drawing.

Send your entry via email to: dj777@att.net. If you don’t have a story and would still like a chance to win a signed copy, send an email and let me know that you “shared” and “liked” my Facebook page.

Please note that by sending your story you are giving me permission to use it in my new project. Your personal information will NOT be shared.


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