94 North Shore Project Complete

The art project that I have been working on with my daughter, Hanna, is complete.

We worked for over a year on this project which is a compilation of our memories and thoughts about our life at the house on 94 North Shore Drive.

We lived at the house during the years that she was very young and I was a single mom.

It has been an interesting process because I live in Florida and my daughter lives in Washington state. Distance was a challenge that we had to overcome.

We looked at old photos, shared phone calls, emails, and telephone interviews (our joint blog on the project has a link to our radio interview). We sketched, painted, and processed our memories; refining the process into a simple handmade book (my daughter is a letter-press artist and book-maker). The book contains faded images of our photos and sketches, and our own words reflecting our different memories from that time. Hanna remembers being a little girl, exploring the world, with Mom at her side. My memories are challenging ones being that I was a single mom struggling to work and raise my children.

Hanna produced a very limited edition of ten hand-made books. She sent the first of the edition to me as a Mother’s Day gift. Tears filled my eyes as I looked at the pages, seeing her words, her memories, next to mine.

The other books may be entered in book exhibitions in the future, but for now, this very personal project is complete.

To see more about this project visit our blog: http://hannaclark.tumblr.com/

You can see more about my daughter’s work on her website: http://www.hannadust.com/

You will see that we have very different artistic styles, but a deep connection personally.

Thanks for visiting – and I sincerely hope that those of you who are moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

I know I did!


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