Pencil Sketches for Grandaughters Book

My pencil sketches are nearing completion.

Lilly Pouring Tea

Lilly pouring tea for Puppygirl during a pretend tea party.

After I finish the pencil work on all illustrations I will ink the most important lines and then add color with some watercolor washes.

This picture appears near the beginning of the book, where Lilly is having a pretend tea party with her favorite pal, Puppygirl.

In real life Puppygirl is the little stuffed dog that my son gave to his daughter when she was born. She is now four years old and still has a very close attachment to her “favorite friend”.

Lilly and her brother also have two adorable kittens, well, they are cats now. I am trying to incorporate one of the cats into as many illustrations as possible throughout the book.

The little chairs are drawn from a small chair that I have. It was a chair that I had as a very little girl. I think I was about two years old when I got it as a gift. In its original form it had rockers, but over the past fifty years it has lost a few things. It now sits up high on a plant shelf in my home. I have very fond memories of my childhood, and that little chair brings many of those memories back to life for me. I simply had to add it to the book!

Hope you enjoy these postings of the sketches for this book. Progress is slow but sure and I will post more soon.


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