94 North Shore Project Progress

The art project with my daughter, Hanna, is coming into focus. You can find more details on our blog, 94 North Shore.

We are coming to a close on this challenging project. Hanna is a printer and artist. She is making a limited edition of ten hand-crafted books with letterpress text and silk screened images as the final form of our joint project. It has been a wonderful thing to work with my daughter. She has challenged me as an artist, blessed me as a mom, and supported me through the process of working through the difficult memories I have of the time we shared at our 94 North Shore home. She was a small girl; I was a single mom. We struggled together, although I think it may have been less of a struggle for her than for me. She is now a woman, and I have lived a great portion of my life. It was amazing to learn about her memories of those years at that small cottage on the lake. I learned a lot about how she saw things through the eyes of a little girl. She has questioned me, interviewed me, and shared her experiences as an adult woman as well. The purpose was to create art together, the result was that we grew closer.



2 thoughts on “94 North Shore Project Progress

  1. Debbie…. I just went over to your daughter’s blog. Fantastic project. I loved seeing the drawings and the photos. How wonderful that you two can share all this in such a meaningful way.


  2. Debbie…. I’m leaving a comment as Max because I’ve lost 4 comments I’ve tried to post when I tried to switch it. So….. anyway, I wanted to tell you how wonderful this project is. I went over to your daughter’s blog and noodled around. It’s fantastic. I love the pictures and the sketches and the memories. You two have done a great job. Thanks for sharing this.


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