Art Project with My Daughter

Sketch for 94 North Shore ProjectMy daughter and I have been working a little over a year on a collaborative art project called The 94 North Shore Project. We have been visually (and otherwise) revisiting the time when she was small and I was a single parent. In the mid-1980’s we lived in a small cottage in Lake Orion, Michigan near a lake. Our memories from that period of time are very different, and that is the focus of the project.

My memories are of the loneliness, sadness, and stress of that time. My drama involved working, trying to maintain a household and raising two children on my own. Her memories are more of the delightful snippets of of a little girl who loved playing with her dollhouse and friends. We learned a lot about each other and how differently we processed the memories from that period. We also learned to appreciate one another in new ways and it helped us to grow even closer as mother and daughter.

This is a little snippet from my sketch book as I worked through some of my thoughts while preparing for the project. We talked over the project and our memories many times, and she recorded one of our conversations. We were challenged by how to best present these memories in a form that would be meaningful. The project is nearly finished. Hanna is an artist, print maker, and book designer. She is printing a small edition of books with both silk screen and letter press of our sketches and writings reflecting our thoughts. I’m looking forward to seeing the completed project. I’ll try to post more soon.

Here is a link to the blog Hanna started for our conversations over the project:


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