Softened Edge Stroke

In the world of watercolor there are a million plus ways to apply pigments. Every artist has their own methods which helps to portrait and express their own style. The hardest part of learning to use watercolor is to learn to control the application of paint. Over the years I have spent teaching watercolor I developed some simple brush strokes with names to help simplify the process.

Here is a short video clip of how to create a Softened-edge Brush Stroke in watercolor. Click Here To View Video.

Softened Edge Stroke I hope this helps! Understanding the use of crisp and soft edges in important. A painting with only crisp edges will have an excitability and edginess to it that may not lend itself to the message of the finished product. Only soft, wet edges, creates an ethereal, whispy image. Using both soft and crisp edges can communicate depth, volume, atmosphere, personality in your work.

There are more video links and blog post lessons found on my Lessons Tab at the top of this page. Let me know if this helps! Thanks to those who have commented on my posts. I appreciate the feedback!


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