More on the Garden Bench in Watercolor on Canvas

Green Bench 07This piece is coming along. Now that the masking fluid has been removed I can see more clearly where I need to correct and enhance this painting.Green Bench 08 Detail

I want to add some cooler glazes to the fence to lower it’s value and cool it down a little. I will wash a very wet, tea stain of French Ultramarine Blue onto the fence in the shadow areas to cool it off. It will help to push it into the distance a little, visually. It will darken the value a little also to make it appear more in “shadow”.

Green Bench 09

I also want to add some green and gold glazes on the plant in front at right. I used New Gamboge and Quinacridone Gold for the yellows and Quinacridone Magenta for the “red”.

I have added some greens in various places using Permanent Sap Green, for the “warm” green, Hooker’s Green for the “cool” green, and a touch of Perylene Green for the darkest, coolest greens. These are all added very wet so they will be transparent, and with a light touch so as not to disturb the pigments underneath.

Green Bench 10

The details are beginning to “pop” better now. I have used some Permanent Alizarin Crimson and Burnt Sienna to enhance the reds. I also used a brush called a “Fritch Scrubber” for some lifting in areas where the pigments from my poured layers became too heavy or dark.

I have used Indigo (with a very light hand!!!) to bring out the details of the table legs and shadow sides of the bench legs.

Green Bench 11 DetailThis detail (last photo), hopefully, shows some of the more refined areas where I have added color and lifted to create some interesting nuances. Can you see the areas in the plants and around the bench that I have added details in color?

The big reveal of the finished painting will be coming soon! Stay tuned.


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