Green Garden Bench Progress in Watercolor

Green Bench04It is time to remove the masking fluid that protected my lighter areas and whites.

I use a masking fluid (aka rubber cement pickup) pickup tool. It gently removes the masking without damaging the fragile surface. It is especially good when using mask on watercolor paper.

The light areas of the fence have been lifted.

Green Bench 05In the next photo you can see that all of the mask has been lifted. Now it’s time to evaluate and refine the painting.

Because this is on canvas, I am able to lift pigment back to the original white surface if I want. I can also glaze warm and cool colors to enhance areas that are in need of it.

Green Bench 06 Detail

You can see that I have added some green to the bench in this detail photo. I want the bench to be the focal point, so it needed a punch of color.

I will do some lifting behind the bench also in a little while. Lifting some of the darker value from behind the bench will help it to “pop” with color, value range and detail.

More to come!


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