Green Bench Watercolor on Canvas

Green Bench 02 It’s been awhile, so here is another image of the most recent watercolor on canvas. This is the second pour, or application of wet paint. It is fun to see how the colors blend. They have a bit of a mind of their own and I have learned that I just have to “go with the flow”, literally!

I’m looking forward to seeing this one completed. I’m feeling challenged by it – lots of detail and complicated shapes to keep track of while masking and applying wet glazes of pigments.

Green Bench 03This close up view shows how the masking looks when applied and covered with paint. The areas that are much darker are where the pigment has either settled into the paper, or where the mask is applied over a color application once dried.

My favorite colors to use in these first pours are New Gamboge, Quinicridone Magenta, and French Ultramarine Blue.

More to come!


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