Teaching My Layering Technique in Watercolor

Debbie Teaching 01After teaching for years, I have taken some time off to return to school – not for art, but for myself. I have been teaching a few private/semi-private lessons here in my home recently on a limited basis. I go back to school in January and won’t have time to teach then, so I’m enjoying spending time with friends and sharing my knowledge about techniques.

Here I am talking about my layering/pouring technique. I have been working on a couple of pieces, one on canvas and one on watercolor paper. The piece in this photo is on paper and is of some pineapples. I have about three “layers” on this piece. I have been working with this technique for a little over a year now and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. With the time and experience under my belt, as well as several “not-so-successful” pieces, I have learned quite a bit about process and materials.

Debbie Teaching 02

I am gearing up for a workshop that I will be teaching in Melbourne, Florida in December. The workshop will be at the Courtyard Studio, affiliated with the Art and Antique Studio and Gallery. Visit my Workshops link above, to learn more about this workshop. We will focus on using this technique in watercolor on canvas for the workshop. There are some little nuances that make working on canvas totally rewarding! If you are in the Melbourne area around December 10th I would love to have you join us.

I’ll post this painting soon, when it is completed.

If you would like to learn more about this technique visit the Lessons tab above. I have some links to some of my posts that show the technique. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Jennifer for taking these photos for me.


2 thoughts on “Teaching My Layering Technique in Watercolor

  1. Not much is required as far as prerequisite skills. If folks bring their supplies I provide drawings for those who want them, and I demonstrate every step of the way. The focus will be on the process with lots of tips on technique, colors, subject matter, and more along the way. It should be a very fun workshop!

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