Food as Inspiration for Art with a Sense of Humor

Beautiful Desert

Our Beautiful Desert

I really love to go out to eat. I love the whole experience, especially if the food is beautifully presented, thoughtfully prepared, and, of course, tastes good!

Ken and I went out to dinner a couple of months ago when our kids gave us a coupon. We go out more often than once a month, but we would not have visited this particular restaurant except that the coupon prompted us. The meal was a wonderful “experience” and then, because we had a coupon, we ordered cheese cake for desert. I love cheese cake, but I almost didn’t want to ruin how beautiful it was by cutting into it (although we did eat it!). Scenes like this one make me want to paint!!!

Food can often inspire in unusual ways. Think of all of the still life paintings that have been created over the years! How often have you tasted something that brought back childhood memories? Sometimes just the colors found in a presentation of food, can be a great inspiration for realism or even abstract works. When my kids were little I loved to make them pancakes in shapes of letters or animals. We would make “apple boats” with slices of apples, peanut butter and raisins for sailors. I often would draw quick little cartoons on their lunch sacks for school – especially if they were going on a field trip to the zoo or some other special occasion. I remember my son loved to “drive” his snacks around like cars before he popped them into his little mouth!

Breakfast Humor

Breakfast Humor

Chefs create edible artwork for their menus, but rarely, unless they make cakes, do they present it with a sense of humor. I admit that sometimes I even play with my food – for shame! I have a silly sense of humor sometimes and I like to create with anything, even my food. I just can’t help myself…Hey, enjoy your day and play with your food!


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