A Little Time to Paint on Canvas

Bench On Porch In Progress

Painting on Canvas in Progress

I have finally found some time to paint and am working on this watercolor on canvas. I’ll try to take photos as I go so I can create a lesson from it. I’m enjoying the way the colors are building, especially in the shadows. My goal is to have purple and blue be dominant in the shadows and very warm, rich colors of yellow and gold in the sunlight areas. I have several more layers of pigments to go, but this one seems to be coming along nicely.I’m smiling!

It never ceases to amaze me how much it relaxes me to paint. My right-brain dominant self is so content to be working along, solving whatever problems arise in a painting. And problems do arise, some grandiose, others quite simple. I heard someone once describe the process of painting as simply a process of solving problems on a surface. I have to agree. I always start a painting with a pretty good idea of what I would like to accomplish – what I would like to say with the piece, or how I want to “feel” when I look at it. Most of the time I can accomplish that now, after experiencing many years of painting. But sometimes, the piece just doesn’t seem to cooperate and I end up being a little disappointed with the results. I think this one is working well, and cooperating, so far.

The process is relaxing, even though I am solving problems. Perhaps that is how the Creator designed us little right-brained artists. We become very content to plug along, working through design, color, or other “artistic” problems. Please, don’t give me a math problem!!! Now that would cause a great deal of stress for me! I can balance a check book, but it is not something I relish! When my left brain is challenged, my blood pressure rises, and I tend to tense up. So when I get a chance to paint, I very much look forward to it. It feels so natural to me, and I feel refreshed after a day of working on a painting or two. My husband is the left-brain in our family. He reads calculus and electrical engineering books for fun! I suppose we balance each other out quite well in that respect! That makes me smile, too!




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