Inspiration in Play

This past August my husband and I traveled to Michigan to see our grand kids. Seeing them was like drinking in fresh, cool water! No, I didn’t paint or even draw while I was there, but I played…hmm. Isn’t that something that I am always telling my students to do?

I have been playing with oil painting lately, in between watercolor paintings. Today I was working in oil on a piece for a project I am doing with my daughter, who lives in Washington state. I was enjoying the feel of the paint and allowing memories to float around in my head as I worked on the colors and values in the painting. A thought of my daughter as a young girl floated into my brain and along side it came the thought of my granddaughter in Michigan. They are quite a bit alike. I smiled and enjoyed the memories of playing with both my daughter, years ago, and my granddaughter, just a short month ago. Sweet memories and very stimulating to my creative juices.

I’m now inspired to work on some drawings that may become portraits of the girls. I see their faces in my mind, feel them in my heart, and it makes me want to paint!!!


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