Palm Fronds in Watercolor

This is a recent painting that was inspired by a photo from my friend Lin Sons. She took a photo of these frilly palm fronds in her backyard. Thus, I named this piece “Lin’s Palm”.

This piece is done with my Layering/Pouring technique. It measures 23 x 30 inches and is framed in a gold metal frame. It can be seen in person at the Art and Antique Studio and Gallery on Highland Avenue in Melbourne, Florida.

I really loved the lines and shapes in this piece. I also had fun working with darker values, especially in the background where some of the flora is almost hidden with glazes of blue. Let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on “Palm Fronds in Watercolor

  1. I really appreciate your painting. I just love these palms. I would like to know if you used masking fluid for this painting. How did you get a dark background without having the leaves affected. I have tried painting palms but never managed a dark background.

    • Anushua, I used masking to save the lights. I apply the masking fluid, then wash water and wet color over the entire painting. I allow that to dry thoroughly, then apply more mask and do the process over and over until the dark areas are close to the correct value. After I remove the masking I usually apply a little more yellow to the light areas and more blues and reds to the dark areas. I limit this technique to three colors for most of the painting so that I do not create a muddy look. I have other blog posts that describe my process. Thanks for visiting.

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