Palm Tree Wet In Wet Technique Remove Masking

Now it’s time to remove the masking that has been applied in stages throughout this painting. I use a tool called a Masking Fluid Pick Up. Most art supply stores should carry them. They can cleanly lift your dried masking and will keep the paper from being touched too much. Erasers tend to leave marks, so don’t use them.

Once you get an edge up, you can grasp it with your fingers and gently, slowly pull the masking fluid up from the paper. Take your time. If you pull too quickly you may tear the paper and all of your hard work will be ruined.

Now all of the masking is removed. If you would like to soften some of the crisp edges left you can wet the paper with clean water and a soft two-inch brush. Avoid over brushing as this will lift a lot of pigment and make your painting look “washed out”.

At this stage you can really see the beautiful blending of the colors and you can study and decide which areas may need small repairs. You may need to lift a little here and there, and you may need to add more color to other areas.

Final repairs next…


3 thoughts on “Palm Tree Wet In Wet Technique Remove Masking

  1. SoS I appied some masking fluid into my work to save some whites, but it took some time about 2 weeks, when I was ready to remove it, to my surprise it is sticky and glue , and I hav e not been able to remove it, is there some other way to do it? I don’t have the eraser for it, what else can I do without ruinng my paper.

    • Jerrie, First of all, the masking fluid should be used, then removed as soon as possible. If your painting has masking fluid on it and it is kept in a warm area it WILL become stuck permanently to the paper. Try working on a smaller painting first to get the hang of using the masking. Paint small, get used to applying and removing the mask, then work bigger. Also, I only use masking fluid on Arches watercolor paper. Many other excellent watercolor papers are great for pigment but are not tough enough to withstand the harshness of masking. Masking should not be left for more than one or two days. I hope this helps.

  2. Hi Debbie Thanks for the advice, i’ve used before the masking fluid and never had trouble to remove it, but I guess I took to long time with it in the paper, (I do use the Arches 140 & cold press rough, but I guess I did learn my lesson.

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