Boat On River Lesson 5

Now that the sky and water are dry I can add a very wet application of Permanent Sap Green with a number 10 round brush. Ask I poke the wet pigment here and there along the tree line, using varying strengths of pigment, I also leave some areas with no pigment at all. I also dab in some New Gamboge, Burnt Sienna, very lightly, and then some Perylene Green along the bottom to add weight and shadow under the trees. Work quickly, and while the pigment is still wet, use a clean, damp brush to touch the edges of the tops of the trees here and there to soften the edges. Since the trees are in the background and not a part of my focal point, I want them to be less distinct. When I soften the edges, the details are removed and the impression of trees in the distance is easily achieved.


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