Welcome 2009

Well, it’s the 5th day of 2009 and I haven’t started painting yet! I have been getting things cleaned up after the holidays, working on the paperwork for my business here in Florida, and started to volunteer at a local pregnancy resource center.
Anyway, I have a painting that I started before the holidays which I have taken some progress photos of and I plan to get that done soon. We do have some family coming in this week from Michigan, so I might not get the piece finished, but I can certainly get the beginning pictures and descriptions onto the blog for you.
The painting at left is one I did a few years ago. The Broughton Garden is a historical garden in Franklin, Michigan. I know a few of the Franklin Garden Club members, and I have painted at their garden tours for the past four years. This particular garden is one in the center of town which the garden club maintains. I really enjoyed painting the hostas.
Stay tuned for the installment of the Hens and Chicks painting, which will be posted soon! I sincerely hope you have a blessed, prosperous and healthy new year.


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