Teaching Watercolor in Melbourne, FL

The photo at right shows three of my students from Michigan. You can see they were painting from the same reference photo, but each piece reflects their style, personality and palette choices! It is so much fun to see the individuality come out in my student’s work!
I am now forming classes in my new hometown of Melbourne, Florida and I have a Beginner’s Watercolor Workshop planned for November 22. The workshop is on Saturday from 9 a.m to 3 p.m. We will set up our palette, discuss quality materials, learn the four basic washes, practice essential brushwork and put together a small painting. If you are interested in my classes, workshops or would like to view my other work, please visit my website. You can now register for my classes and workshops online at:
http://watercolorworksart.com/Classes.htm – Below the schedule of classes you can click on the link for online registration.
Currently, in my personal work I am working on a painting of a Bird of Paradise flower. I have been taking progress photos of the piece. Keep watching to see some of the progress in the next few posts.


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