Ah, Nuts! Friday Painting Class

In my Friday Drop-In Class this past week we painted peanuts in a half-shell. I love to feed the birds and I really enjoy putting out some peanuts in the shell for the blue jays on occasion. The sun was shining on the peanuts as they waited in the sea shell for the birds to scurry them away. I loved the scene, specifically the little shadows on the peanuts.

This was a great way to practice washes, both large and small. We layered colors to intensify values and talked some about how to handle background colors verses image colors.

Here are a few of the paintings that my students created!

When I first brought in the photo reference I heard groans, but at the end of class I heard several people say, “This was really fun!”

To learn more about my classes, artwork, gallery representation, etc. click here.


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