Spring Painted in Winter

This is my latest commission piece titled, Woodland Drive. It was commissioned as an anniversary gift for the couple who have lived here for many years. This piece posed several challenges for me. First of all, it is only about 10 x 14 inches. I am used to working bigger, so this piece didn’t take as long, but I couldn’t work in some of the details that I might have if it would have been a larger painting. This was good for me, though, since I have a very detailed style; I ended up working a tiny bit looser. The other challenge is that I usually take my own reference photos. I received some excellent reference photos from the client, but since I needed to see the actual home and take some notes to get the details correctly, I had to drive out to the home in the middle of February. The day I drove out was sunny and crisp, but we had lots of snow this winter, so everything was covered in white. My challenge was to paint what I saw, and use the reference photos from the client to create the summer scene. I really like the finished product and I hope the homeowner will enjoy it as well. If you would like to see some of my other Garden Portraits visit my website: http://watercolorworksart.com/GardenPortraits.htm


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