Stock Art Images by Debbie Waldorf Johnson

I have been working on stock images as a contributor for Stop by my portfolio page and let me know what you think. Many of the images are seamless vector borders and seamless/repeatable vector patterns which are great for all kinds of projects.

I have lots of images, and I’m making more each week. My recent focus has been to create holiday and Christmas images. They are very inexpensive to download and they work well for creating your own Christmas cards and wrapping paper! As vector images they can be sized to any dimension without losing quality.

Other image topics include flowers, outer space, beach, vacation, food and kitchen images. Hope you enjoy them!

Seamless stock art and clip art images




Another Illustration Project Complete

Childrens book cover illustrationI recently completed another illustration project—the book, Lazy Goat, Crazy Goat, by Farmer Nate, (aka Nathan Perkins).

Nate shares, “This is a great learn-to-read book. Using opposites the book tells a fun story about a goat called Crazy Goat who has to get a job.”

I really enjoy working with Nate; this is the third book we have created together. He is an administrator at a working, educational farm, Upland Hills Farm, in Oxford, Michigan. His books are about farm life, and are inspired by real life animals on the farm. At the end of Lazy Goat, Crazy Goat you get to see the actual goat who inspired the story.

I sincerely hope you will purchase a copy and be sure to give Farmer Nate a review on Amazon!
Lazy Crazy Goat on Amazon

You can see my other work on my portfolio page: Debbie Waldorf Johnson Portfolio.

Trying Something New For Illustration

Photoshop illustration of little girl

I really wanted to try something new in my illustration technique and so I did a little drawing today.

So many times I start sketching ideas, then leave them and move on to something else. This time I wanted to refine and finish the drawing. Photoshop has so many powerful tools. I still haven’t begun to learn or use them all. I love experimenting with new things as I am working on a personal project like this one. I use a lot of brushes from Kyle T. Webster. If you work digitally, please visit his site. Seriously! His brushes are amazing and very low cost.

While working on this piece I was thinking of my little granddaughter, Raelynn. I have created a book for each of my grandchildren, except for the two youngest so far. Raelynn will be next in line for an illustrated story by her grandma.  She is a gorgeous little girl and I can’t wait to get going on a story line. So much to do!!!

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Speed Drawing of TJ in ProCreate

Just another quick sketch on my ipad. My ipad and Apple Pencil have become my new sketchbook tools. I love the fact that it feels so much like a paper sketchbook, but I can quickly change brushes to add color.

This is obviously not a “finished” drawing, but a quick sketch to keep my eye/hand coordination fresh.

I hope you enjoy it.

New Book – It’s Hard To Wait

My newest personal book project is complete!

I have six grandchildren and I promised to write and illustrate a book for each of them. Eli is my third grandchild and his story was such a fun one to develop. He has a very special, close relationship with his grandpa. He loves to come to visit or to have us visit him, and is constantly asking his mom, “Is it today?” Thus, the story of how Eli learns to be patient while waiting for that special visit.

Eli received the first book and he really enjoyed reading it to his little sister. I’m currently working on her book! I am hoping for a July publication!

To order your copy please visit this link:

Here is what my reviewers had to say:

• “An  adorable book with lovely illustrations. Kids will learn about patience and counting along with the joy of relatives coming to visit. Another fabulous book from Debbie Johnson.”
Jaimie Engle,  critically acclaimed author at JME Books

• “Debbie Waldorf Johnson gives us a heartwarming, delightful book that will quickly become a favorite. She illustrates a simple, everyday occurrence in the life of a child in a sweet, tender manner. It invites discussion of what a child can do when it is so hard to wait. Parents and grandparents, as well as teachers, will want to share this special story with their little ones.”
Jo Mrvichin, Early Childhood Educator

• “Any child who has ever looked forward to an exciting event will be able to relate to Eli’s anticipation in this book. And the vibrant, life-like illustrations will show kids lots of creative ways to pass the time!”
Kristin Adkinson, Freelance Editor for Children’s Books

• “A sweet story with simple lessons. The affirmations of being loved, patient, and creative are beautifully conveyed. Debbie’s illustrations and storyline have captured the essence of how hard it is for a little boy to wait. It will definitely be on my (future) grand kids reading list.”
Diane Carr, children’s author,  River Dragon and Freedom’s Dragonflight.

• “Debbie (Johnson) has captured the young child’s learning to wait coupled with the joy of anticipation. The charming illustrations remind the reader of the richness of everyday life while waiting.”
Mary Dall, Writer, illustrator, artist and retired kindergarten teacher.

• “Endearing illustrations and  text showing a loving mother’s gentle  patience with her inquisitive young son. What is he so eagerly awaiting? Readers watch and wonder as he passes the time doing things that all little boys can relate to. Clearly something very special is about to happen, but no spoilers here!”
Karen Mountz, Librarian, Rochester Hills Public Library (Rochester Hills, MI)

Moose the Goose – Illustration Project Complete

I am so happy to announce that my latest illustration project, Moose the Goose, is complete and the author, Farmer Nate, has posted it on Amazon here.

What child or parent hasn’t heard about bullying these days? Did you know a goose can be a bully? This one even rides a motorcycle!!!

Moose The Goose contains lots of funny pictures and silly characters who teach early readers about the effects of bullying verses being kind. As they chuckle over the silly characters, children also learn about farm life. Farmer Nate, also known as Nathan Perkins, has added some fun facts in the back of the book that add to its educational value. His story was inspired by the exotic Sebastopol Geese who live on Upland Hills Farm in Oxford, Michigan. These geese have wild, fluffy feathers and can be very protective of their mates and territory.

What a fun project! Can you tell I love my job? I have the privilege to work with some incredibly talented and friendly people as well as illustrate every day!

I hope you will purchase a copy from Farmer Nate and be sure to leave a review for him on Amazon so other people will know about this book, too. A Kindle version will be coming soon, but I think having a book-in-hand while reading to children is so much more fun!

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Books Arrived! My Illustrations in Print!

Books featuring my illustrations are here!

Yes, the books from one of my recent illustration projects are here. I spend months working on an illustration project, then the sample copies arrive and I see my work in print. What fun!Stack of Dragonflight books

The author, Diane Carr, was great to work with; we had a fun time collaborating on this project. Kids from 8 – 12 years will love this exciting story and the accompanying coloring/activity book. It continues the original story by Diane Carr about a local area legend and landmark here in Brevard County, Florida. Diane not only shares the legend, she also adds lots of environmental and Florida location information in the book.

If you would like to order a book or learn more please visit the author’s Facebook page here:

You can also view my portfolio pages to see more:










View My Updated Portfolio Page

Freedoms Dragonflight portfolio image

Image from Freedom’s Dragonflight by Diane Carr.

After over a year of work I have finally updated my portfolio page! It really has been a busy time and I’m so thankful to work with the author’s and publishers who selected me to create their images. Added projects include Things to Remember as You Fly From the Nest by Leslie Kiddy Maloney, A Dog for Leo by Kandi M. Siegel, Sammy the Helper by Kandi M. Siegel, and Freedom’s Dragonflight by Diane Carr.

Digital art for Sammy the Helper book portfolio image

Image from children’s book “Sammy the Helper” by Kandi M. Siegel.

The genres I have worked on include children’s picture books and a young adult inspirational book. I also created a coloring book for Jaimie M. Engle’s Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light, which I originally illustrated several years ago. Jaimie’s original book is also highlighted in my portfolio.

People on phones portfolio image

Image from “Things to Remember as You Fly From the Nest” by Leslie Kiddy Maloney.

Click here to view my portfolio page. When you get there click on a picture to view more details about each project.

If you are interested in my work and would like to know more, feel free to contact me via email.

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Happy Fathers Day Speed Drawing

Speed Drawing of my fatherHappy Father’s Day!

Click here and you can watch a speedy version of my drawing process. This is a sketch of my dad who passed away when he was 94. Anyone who knew him would know the twinkle in his eyes and that little smirk!

Sketching from old photos help me to miss him just a bit less. He was a wonderful father and very active in his small town. Love that smile, love that man!

I created this piece on my ipad using ProCreate. It shows the work MUCH FASTER than it actually takes. I hope you enjoy it.





Illustrations for Leslie Maloney

RiverFlowLeslie Kiddy Maloney hired me to create some black and white interior illustrations and cover for her recent book, “Things to Remember as You Fly From the Nest”.

Life in your teens and twenties can feel like a roller coaster as you navigate your way into adulthood. “Things to Remember as You Fly from the Nest” points the way to help make it a smoother, more enjoyable ride.CellPhone
Filled with suggestions covering physical, emotional and spiritual health that act as reminders of the important things in life to help foster well-being.

Whether you read the book from front to back, or just turn to a random page, each concept will be something that can be pondered to enrich your life journey or to enhance discussion. It also includes engaging reflection questions at the end of each concept. The wide range of topics cover diet, relationships, stress, feelings, sleep, basic truths and more.

Growing up can be an exciting yet confusing time in life. This book will help you thrive so you can create the things you most desire. A meaningful read for teens, parents or anyone who works with young adults in helping them flourish and fly confidently into their future.

I hope you will visit Leslie’s page on Amazon and purchase a copy. Graduation is coming this spring and this is a perfect gift for high school and college graduates alike.

Leslie was so fun to work with and I really enjoyed the process of developing the illustrations for this project. The four main characters were to represent a variety of challenges and questions that young adults should address with a bit of wisdom and Xrayhumor.

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